How to Use Ellii: Teacher Training Module

Learn the basics of Ellii (formerly ESL Library) or refresh your Ellii skill set. Get started with how to create new classes, assign digital homework, and check student results. When you're ready, learn how to create customized flashcard sets, use our digital flashcard player, and export class results.

Quick Intro to Ellii 

Learn the essential features of Elli in less than 4 minutes. Our platform has lesson plans, flashcards, resources, and a whole lot more for all ages and levels.

Lesson Landing Page

Become familiar with the lesson landing page, where you can choose to print lessons, broadcast tasks during class, or assign digital tasks as homework. Read more.

How to Broadcast Tasks

Share your screen while teaching online with a live synchronous platform (such as Zoom or Google Meet) or during in-person classes to a screen in front of the classroom. Read more.

How to Create Classes & Invite Students

Learn how to create classes and invite students so that you can assign digital tasks and track individual student results. Read more.

How to Assign Digital Homework & Check Results

Learn how to assign digital tasks/homework to your students and check to see student results. Read more.

How to Export Class Results

Learn how to export student results (as a CSV file) at the end of a semester or school year. Learn the basics of importing, organizing, and manipulating student data with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc. Read more.

How to Create & Save Flashcard Sets

Learn how to create custom flashcard sets and save them. Read more.

How to Print Flashcard Sets

Learn how to print custom or saved flashcard sets. Read more.

How to Share Flashcard Sets with Students

Learn how to share saved flashcard sets with your students. Read more.

How to Use the Flashcard Player

Learn how to use the flashcard player while teaching online or in-class. Read more.

Webinar: Teach Online with Ellii

In this 1-hour webinar, learn how to

  • broadcast digital activities via screen-sharing (either online or in-person)
  • create classes & invite students
  • assign digital homework & check student results
  • use our digital flashcard player to introduce or review vocabulary

If your school or organization is interested in a live training (in-house or as a webinar), please contact us for details. For pricing info, please visit our website.

Happy teaching!

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