How to Launch Tasks

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step 1

Click on Materials and select Lessons.

Step 2

Choose a lesson category from the ESL Lesson Categories page (e.g., Mini Debates).

Step 3

Select the lesson that you would like to launch the tasks for (e.g., English Globalization). 

Step 4

Click on Launch Tasks to start presenting the digital tasks in class or online.

Step 5

Click the task name on the left side under Tasks

Click Start to launch the digital task so you can try it with your students in class (using an interactive whiteboard or projector in a traditional classroom or a video-conferencing platform in a live online class). 

Note: You can also use this feature to preview a digital task as a student would see it before you assign it.

Click on the apple icon by the task name to view the answer key (grey means there is no answer key for this task type).

Step 6

Click on the Overview logo to return to the lesson page once finished.

Please contact us if you have any requests or feedback. We hope you enjoy using this digital feature!

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