How to Use the Grade Feed

The Grade Feed is a feature that allows teachers to view student results and give feedback at a glance on Ellii.

Please follow the steps below to start using the Grade Feed.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

Log in

Step 1

Once logged into your account, you will click on the Grade Feed icon on the top right (a red dot means that there are student results awaiting teacher feedback).

Step 2

Once in the Grade Feed, you will see student results that require teacher feedback. You can filter by class, status or date to view the results.

Step 3

The student results will show the student name and the class they are in.

The completion date as well as the response will also be present.

Step 4

After reviewing the student's answer, you can use the slider to choose at numerical score or click on the stars to give a rating to this specific question.

Step 5

You can also leave a comment for your student to see or a voice note for them to listen to.

Step 6

Click Send to finish marking the question.

Step 7

Clicking Dismiss will remove the results from your Grade Feed. You can still access the results directly from the Assignments tab on your class page.

Step 8

To review feedback that you have previously given, you can change the status from Pending to Completed.

Student View:

Step 9

After logging into their Student Dashboard (, students will click on the class that they would like to view their teacher's feedback for.

Step 10

Once in the class, students will click on the lesson that they would like to view feedback for.

Step 11

Once in the lesson, any task that has a blue speech bubble icon means that there is teacher feedback available.

We hope you enjoy using the Grade Feed! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions. 

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