How to Use the Lesson Planner

Please note:

If you purchased an Ellii account prior to March 7, 2023, you may have some classes set up as a Legacy Class.

With a Legacy Class, you will not have access to the Lesson Planner.

To use the Lesson Planner, you will need to create a new class.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

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Step 1

Select a lesson that you would like to add to your class and click on Add to class.

Step 2

Select a class that you would like to add the lesson to.

Step 3

After selecting a class, you will choose a location. Saved & Recommended is where materials are stored for later use. Prepping is for upcoming content that you will be teaching. Teaching will contain materials that are available to your students immediately.

Step 4

Click on Save to add the lesson to your class. You can add as many lessons as you'd like before heading to the Lesson Planner.

Step 5

A confirmation pop-up will say "Successfully added to class". Clicking on View Class will take you to the Lesson Planner for that class.

Step 6

To view the Lesson Planner, click on Classroom and select Classes.

Step 7

On the Classes page, click on the class you would like to see the Lesson Planner for.

Step 8

Once inside the class, you will see 3 tabs: Lesson Planner, Student Activity and Details.

The Lesson Planner is the tab you're currently in.

Student Activity shows the students connected to the class as well as any homework results awaiting teacher feedback.

Details will contain the information about your class that you entered when you created the class.

Step 9

On the Lesson Planner tab you will see 3 columns: Prepping, Teaching and Taught as well as the Saved & Recommended bar at the bottom of the page.

Saved & Recommended will contain the lessons you added to the class for later use.

The Prepping column are for lessons that you are planning on using in the near future.

Teaching is for lessons that you want your students to have immediate access to.

Taught will contain past lessons after you have finished with them (your students will still have access to these lessons in their Past assignments folder).

Step 10

Clicking on the Saved & Recommended bar will show the lessons that are currently stored here for future use.

Step 11

Clicking on a lesson in the Saved & Recommended bar will prompt you to move or delete the current lesson from the list.

Click on Save after choosing a location (Prepping or Teaching) for the lesson.

Step 12

After a moving a lesson from the Saved & Recommended drawer, you will see it in its corresponding column.

Step 13

You can also drag the card from one column to another for ease of use.

Step 14

Clicking on the lesson will also allow you to move the lesson from one column to another and add an optional Due Date or Note as well as the ability to view students results, post the lesson to Google Classroom & copy and share the link to this lesson via an LMS or email. You can also delete the lesson from this page. Click Save once finished.

Student View:

Step 15

After logging into their Student Dashboard (, students will click on the class that they would like to do homework for.

Step 16

Once in the class, students will click on the lesson that they would like to work on.

We hope you enjoy using our Lesson Planner! Please reach out to us if you have any questions or suggestions. 

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