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  • How to Print Flashcard Sets

    After creating a flashcard set that you would like print out and use in class, follow the instructions below to customize your set before printing. For detailed instructions on how to create a

  • How to Create & Save Flashcard Sets

    Ellii has over 3,000 flashcards to help students learn vocabulary. You can use them to elicit, practice, or review vocabulary or grammar structures with your students. Use them as a warm-up, filler,

  • How to Create Folders

    Ellii's Folders tool is a fantastic option for organizing the lessons you would like to save for future use. With all the materials on Ellii, saving lessons to your own custom folders will help you

  • Why Can't I Open Lessons/Flashcards?

    If you are having difficulty when trying to open PDFs on Ellii, this is most likely an issue with your web browser or the PDF viewer attached to your browser. We suggest accessing the site from a

  • Why Can't I Print Lessons/Flashcards?

    If you are having printing difficulties when trying to print PDFs on Ellii, this is most likely an issue with your PDF reader program or your printer driver. We suggest accessing the site from a

  • Picture Dictionary (Flashcard Set)

    Learn how our Picture Dictionary task works. Students can use images and words to preview or review vocabulary. If you have any difficulties with this task, please contact us and we will be happy to

  • How to Use the Flashcard Player

    The Flashcard Player is a great tool to use when teachers want to present their flashcards to a whole class while on a whiteboard or online (via a screen-sharing application like Zoom, Google Meets,

  • How to Find CASAS Content

    Locating CASAS Materials Does your program use CASAS (Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System) to measure student achievement? Do your students’ pretest scores drive your curriculum? Is your

  • How to Get Started

    Ellii is a subscription-based library full of ready-made lessons, resources, and flashcards. The library currently has 2,000+ lessons and resources, and we add new materials each month. Most material

  • How to Share Flashcard Sets with Students

    Step-by-Step Instructions Log in to your account here: Log In Step 1 Click on Saved and select Flashcard Sets from the drop-down menu. Step 2 You can click on New Flashcard Set to create a new set or

  • Quick Intro to Ellii

    Learn the essential features of Ellii in under 4 minutes. From total beginners to advanced language learners, from pencil & paper to digital classrooms, Ellii has lesson plans, flashcards, resources,

  • How to Unsubscribe from Newsletters

    When you cancel your subscription, you will no longer be charged for renewals and will no longer have access to our lessons, flashcards, or resources. However, you will still receive our free monthly

  • How to Use the Lesson Plan Calendar

    Ellii's Lesson Plan Calendar is a huge time-saver. You can use our calendar to find links to ready-made lessons, flashcards, resources, collections, podcasts, and blog posts related to upcoming

  • How to Sign Up as a New Member

    Welcome to Ellii! If you are having difficulty creating your new account, please follow the steps below. Please note: Ellii is a website for English teachers. By subscribing to Ellii, you will have

  • How to Use Ellii: Teacher Training Module

    Learn the basics of Ellii (formerly ESL Library) or refresh your Ellii skill set. Get started with how to create new classes, assign digital homework, and check student results. When you're ready,

  • How to Use Folders

    Plan and organize your classes with folders! Add and rearrange lessons, resources, blog posts, and flashcard sets in Folders. View Ellii Folders for recommended content and a suggested teaching order