How a Total Score Is Calculated

What is a Total Score for a lesson?

A Total Score is the sum of individual task scores in a completed digital lesson. Tasks are weighted by Ellii’s Publishing team based on the relative importance of their outcomes. 

For example, productive tasks (writing and speaking) are worth more than receptive or reference tasks (reading, listening, and viewing). Similarly, comprehension tasks (e.g., multiple-choice) are worth more than preview tasks (e.g., matching). 

If present, final assessment tasks and quizzes carry the highest weight in a lesson.

Note: You can toggle between 1st Score and Best Score to choose the Total Score that you want to enter into your records.

See Weighting by Ellii task type below for a more detailed breakdown. 

The difference between Total Score, Incomplete, and Needs Grading

A Total Score is visible to teachers if all tasks are completed and graded. 

If a lesson has assigned tasks that are unopened or unfinished, the Total Score area will show a status of Incomplete

If a lesson has completed tasks that need manual grading by a teacher, such as writing and speaking tasks, the Total Score area will show a status of Needs Grading until you grade the tasks. (Note that some writing tasks are graded by Ellii Bot if you have opted in for auto-grading.)

Weighting by Ellii task type

Here is a general breakdown of the weighting of task types in an average Ellii lesson: 

  • Reference (e.g., reading / flashcard set / dialogue / video) 1.0
  • Image Match or Matching tasks (e.g., vocabulary preview) 2.0
  • True or False or Multiple-Choice tasks (e.g., single-answer reading/listening comprehension) 4.0
  • Listen & Type or See & Spell tasks (e.g., spelling / listening / grammar review) 8.0
  • Writing or Speaking tasks (open-ended comprehension / personal response) 8.0
  • Assessment tasks 16.0

Teachers and account administrators are currently unable to edit the weight of a digital task. However, our Publishing team welcomes feedback if you think a task type should be weighted higher or lower in a lesson.  

What do the Score, Weight, and Actual columns mean?

A modal will pop up if you click on the Information icon beside a Total Score or status label. 

You will see three headings: Score, Weight, Actual. The score is the percentage your student earned on an individual task. The weight is how much that task is worth compared to other tasks in the lesson. The actual score is the percentage that the completed task contributes toward the Total Score of the lesson. It is calculated by multiplying the score and weight

The modal will show a partial score if not all tasks have been completed or graded. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback about how a Total Score is calculated.

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