Organization Accounts FAQ

How do organization accounts work?

With our organization accounts, we set up a designated administrator who can easily manage the account.

Administrators can invite or remove teachers throughout the term. They can also view reports and teacher/student profiles.

Teachers connected to an organization account can create and share folders with colleagues as well as share classes so they can co-teach.

What is my role as the account administrator of my organization account?

As an administrator, you are the point-of-contact between Ellii and your teachers. You're responsible for the following:

  • inviting and removing teachers to and from the account
  • renewing your organization account subscription every year
  • booking teacher training through Ellii as necessary
  • supporting your teachers in coordination with the Ellii team

Where can I see the subscription expiration date? (only available for administrators)

  1. Log in to your administrator account.
  2. Click on your name in the upper-right corner.
  3. Click on Account.
  4. Click on Subscription on the left-hand side. View your subscription plan details and renewal date. You can also view this Help Doc: How to check subscription renewal date.

Will I get reminders about when to renew?

Yes. An Ellii Accounts team member will reach out two (2) months prior to your renewal date with a renewal reminder and a quote.

What is involved in the renewal process?

  1. Two months prior to the organization account's renewal date, an Ellii Accounts team member will reach out to the administrator and purchaser (if listed) with a renewal reminder and a renewal quote.
  2. The administrator/purchaser will review the quote and let an Ellii Accounts team member know if adjustments are necessary.
  3. If the quote looks correct, the administrator or purchaser will accept the quote.
  4. Once the quote is accepted, an Ellii Accounts team member will email the administrator/purchaser the invoice link and confirm that their account has been renewed for another term.
  5. The administrator/purchaser will open up the invoice link and choose their payment option:
    • Purchase Order: Email a copy of the purchase order to
    • Credit Card: Open the invoice link, click on the Credit Card option, and follow the payment prompts.
    • ACH / Bank Transfer: Open the invoice link, click on the ACH / Bank Transfer option, and follow the payment prompts.
    • EFT: Email the EFT form to

How do I add/remove teachers to the organization account?

  • To learn how to add teachers to the organization account, watch this short video.
  • To learn how to remove teachers from the organization account, watch this short video.

How can I add additional teachers to my organization’s account?

The administrator/purchaser can email us at to request a pro-rated quote to add additional teacher licenses at any time throughout the term. Once the quote is accepted and paid for, an Ellii Accounts team member will send the administrator/purchaser a confirmation email with instructions on how to add the additional teachers.

How do I change the group administrator for my organization account?

You or the administrator replacing you can reach out to to request this change.

Do you offer discounts for large groups?

Ellii offers multi-teacher discounts to organizations with 15+ teachers. Please email us at to learn more.

Can we pay by Purchase Order?

Yes. If your organization is paying by Purchase Order, please email the PO, referencing the Invoice Number to

Are there administrator reports?

Yes. To view Reports, administrators should follow these steps:

  1. Log in to their administrator account.
  2. Click on the Organization tab on the top navigation bar.
  3. Click on Reports. (Note: Make sure to set your date range to the time frame you'd like to view.)

How much does Ellii cost? What is your pricing?

If you are part of an organization, we have separate pricing and multi-teacher discounts available.

You can view our pricing here:

Why is the annual individual teacher plan (unlimited) price $188/teacher and the organizational price per teacher $220/teacher?

Our individual teacher plan is $188 because many teachers are expected to pay for materials on their own. Paying out-of-pocket is unfortunately quite common for teachers who want to buy better supplies for their classrooms and students. Therefore, Ellii has set up special discounted rates for teachers who are paying with their own funds.

With the organizational teacher plan at the $220 per teacher price, we set up a complimentary administrator account. This account comes with a customized management dashboard where the admin can manage teacher licenses throughout the term. This is great if you have teachers who come and go throughout the year.

The admin will also have admin reporting tools to see teacher usage, teacher portfolios, and student progress.The advantages of an organization account with multiple teachers are:

  • Ability to create and share folders with colleagues
  • Ability to co-teach classes and assign homework
  • View teacher usage reports and access admin tools
  • Ongoing check-ins and customized support throughout the term

Do you offer free group trials?

If you are part of a group or an organization, please have your administrator reach out to us at and we would be happy to set you up with a complimentary group trial.

How many student accounts are included?

Each organizational teacher license includes unlimited student accounts.

If you have inactive students or your students are no longer at your organization, you can always archive or disconnect those students.

What are your SSO (Single sign-on) options?

We offer Clever SSO and Google SSO for both teachers and students.

Are you integrated with Google Classroom?

Yes. You’ll have the option to post your students' assignments on Google Classroom.

Where can I find helpful guides or videos for managing or using an organization account?

On our Help Docs page, we have a dedicated section for Organization Account Management. We also have a playlist of Ellii Platform Features & Tools on our YouTube channel Ellii for Teachers.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. 

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