How to Use Courses & Study Packs

Note: Courses & Study Packs are only available via our new Lesson Planner format.

Courses & Study Packs are bundles of lessons in a suggested sequence related by theme, skill, or target structure. Each pack focuses on a specific proficiency level and usually has 4–6 lessons. Courses are more comprehensive and may include assessment. You can assign students access to all of the content at once or release items one at a time.

Step-by-Step Instructions

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Step 1

Click on Materials then select Courses & Study Packs from the drop-down menu. 

When you land on our Courses & Study Packs page, you can start browsing the content to find one that is suitable for your class. The recommended levels are under the name of the Course or Study Pack.

Step 2

You can choose the Material Type, Level or Category from the drop-down menus.

Step 3

Once you're inside a course or study pack, you will see the Materials, Overview and Teachers' Notes tabs.

Step 4

The Materials tab will contain all the lessons included in the course or study pack. You can click on each item on the list to view the selected lesson.

Step 5

The Overview tab will contain the description of the course or study pack.

Step 6

The Teachers' Notes tab will contain additional information pertaining to the lessons in the course or study pack.

Step 7

Clicking on Add to class will assign the course or study pack to your chosen class via our Lesson Planner.

Step 8

To view the assigned Study Pack, you will click on Classroom and select Classes from the drop-down menu.

On the Classes page, click on the class the course or study pack was assigned to.

Step 9

Once in the class, you will see the course or study pack that you have added to the class.

Clicking the arrow will show you the lessons in the course or study pack.

Step 10

By default, only the first lesson will be visible to your student(s). You can click on the Eye icon to make the next lesson(s) visible.

Clicking on an individual lesson's name will open the Details tab which will allow you to select a Due Date for that specific lesson, include a note to your students, uncheck to make the lesson visible or not to students, view student results or edit tasks that you would like your students to work on for that specific lesson.

The Scheduling tab will allow you to make that specific lesson visible on a certain date as well as hidden on a certain date.

Step 11

Clicking on the course or study pack will bring up a modal that will allow you to move it to a different column on the Lesson Planner, select an optional due date as well as a note to your students, view student results once your students have completed their homework, post the homework to Google Classroom, copy the link to the homework in order to share it with your students (via email, instant message, etc.) or delete it.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions about how to use courses or study packs. 

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