How to Create Classes on Ellii

As a teacher using Ellii, you will need to create classes and invite students to them. A class is required for assigning tasks (digital homework). 

Please note: If you have not sent invitations to your students yet, please see our help doc with instructions on how to complete this step.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

Log in

Step 1

Once logged in to your account, click on Classroom and then select Classes from the drop-down menu. 

Step 2

After landing on the Classes page, you will see all of your existing classes. Select the Create Class button.

Step 3

Enter a name for your new class. 

You can also choose the level(s), age group(s) and skill(s) covered in your class. Please note that this will not be visible to your students.

Click Save when finished.

Step 4

After saving your new class, you will land in the Students tab inside the class page. Click on one of the options under Student Onboarding to start inviting students to that class. 

Step 5

Your new class will now be visible from the Classes page (Click Classroom and select Classes from the drop-down menu). 

Note: You can click on the class to see the students in your class, view student participation, export results or make any adjustments (add/remove students, edit the class name/description/level/age/skill/colour/banner, or delete the class).

Step 6

After clicking on the class, you can invite students by selecting the Students tab then clicking one of the options under Student Onboarding.

Step 7

You can remove students from the class via the Students tab by clicking the More Options menu (...) by the student's name and choosing Remove from class from the drop-down menu.

Step 8

The Details tab will contain the Settings tool (where you can edit your class), the Participation tool (where you can see your students' hours) and the Team tool (only available for group accounts). 

Classes are required when assigning digital homework to your students. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

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