How to Renew an Expired Subscription

If you are looking to purchase a subscription after your account has already expired, please follow the steps below for assistance.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1

Log in to your account here:

Log in

Step 2

After logging in, head to the navigation bar and click the Subscribe button in the top right corner of any page.

Step 3

You will land on the pricing page where you can select your currency by clicking on the price of the subscription. Next, choose your preferred term length (quarterly or yearly). You will then click on Subscribe under your plan of choice.

If you work for an organization and would like to obtain a group subscription, click on Get a Quote.

Step 4

Choose your payment method (credit card or PayPal). You can also click on the price to choose a different currency.

Enter your payment details, agree to Ellii's terms & privacy policy and click Pay Now to immediately proceed with payment and activate your subscription. Our refund policy is also stated before the amount due.

Step 5

Once your payment has gone through successfully, you will land on our Thank You page. A receipt with your subscription details will be emailed to you immediately.

Please contact us if you have any problems purchasing a subscription from within your account. We look forward to having you back with us!

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