How to Use Student Picks

Student Picks allows your students direct involvement in the lessons that they want to learn about. Follow the steps below to use this feature.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Log in to your account here:

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Step 1

Click on Materials and select Lessons from the drop-down menu.

Step 2

On the ESL Lesson Categories page, you will click on a category that you would like to include in Student Picks.

Step 3

Click on the Include in Student Picks button.

Step 4

If you have not set an age and level for your class, you will not be able to use the Student Picks feature. Click on the class name to set an age and level.

Step 5

After the age and level has been set for your class, you can then select the class to include in Student Picks.

Step 6

Students will log in on their end, click on your class and navigate over to My Picks.

Step 7

Students will click the heart icon by the lesson(s) that they would like to learn about.

Step 8

To view the lesson(s) that your student(s) picked, click on Classroom and select Classes from the drop-down menu.

Step 9

Click on the class that you included in Student Picks and navigate to the Saved & Recommended bar at the bottom of the page.

Step 10

Click on Student Picks to view the lesson(s) your student(s) are interested in learning about.

The number by the heart icon denotes how many student(s) have liked a particular lesson from the category you added to Student Picks for this class.

Step 11

Click on a lesson to add to your class.

Step 12

Select a location (Prepping if you don't want it available right away for your students or Teaching if you want it available immediately for your students).

Step 13

You will see the lesson in the location you chose the next time you view the Lesson Planner for your class.

Step 14

The student(s) will see the lesson(s) in their Student Dashboard the next time they log in (if the teacher chose Teaching as the location).

Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback regarding the Student Picks feature.

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