Changes to Classes and Assignment Navigation

On March 7, 2023, we added a new way to create classes with a feature called Lesson Planner. You can learn more about this new style of class here

If you created classes prior to March 7, 2023, there are a few important things to note, and a few navigational changes to be aware of. Please take three minutes to read about the changes. 

  1. The "Assign" button is now called "Add to Class." When you want to assign content to your students from any Lesson Page, you should now look for the "Add to Class" button instead. It will be in the exact same spot as the previous "Assign" button.
  2. The new Lesson Planner is only available with new classes. By this we mean that if you created a class prior to March 7, 2023, you will not have the Lesson Planner (kanban board style) available on that class.
  3. Viewing assignments from one student across multiple classes has changed. If you have the same student in multiple classes and have been enjoying the process of seeing all of their assignments in one place, you can now find that feature by clicking Classroom / Students in the top navigation bar. Please note this feature has been temporarily disabled until end of day on March 8, 2023, for maintenance. Thank you for your patience. 
  4. Some assignment features from the Legacy classes are not available on this new class type. If you created a class before March 7, 2023, you could previously assign lessons to individual students, and be selective about which tasks you wish for your students to complete. On the new class style, you cannot do this. However, there is an option to create classes in the old style still, if this is something you prefer, as outlined in point 5 below. 
  5. Old style classes can still be created. For any Ellii member who had an account prior to March 7, 2023, there is an option when creating a class to create it in the old style. To do this, simply unselect the checkbox next to "Use our new Lesson Planner format" when creating a new class. 
  6. Class Assignments are no longer available from an Assignments tab in the top navigation bar. To get to anything you've assigned in an old class, you must access the assignments from within the actual class.

For more details about how our new Lesson Planner class works, watch this video.

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